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Once you choose the type of stone you need, the raw material is then mined from a quarry in blocks, where our technicians will test that it meets your requirements, Quality can be variable depending on your needs.

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After removal, blocks can then be taken to stoneworkers for formation into simple slabs. Available in standard market sizes, slabs are then finished using a variety of techniques, including: polishing, brushing and bushhammering.

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Split Face

For any project requiring marble or porphyry, we can help with design and choice of slabs. Consult with us to lay out your plans, and work with our craftsmen to achieve the stone specifications for your project.

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Why Choose Us

1- Quick reply: Reply to your enquiry within one day, attached with picture if you need.
2- Reasonable price: We could offer you the best original price.
3- Quality control: We have professional quality inspectors, one-on-one responsible for each order
4- After-sale service: if any problems, you provide relevant information, we will solve problems within 24 hours.
5- Sample offers: For each of your order, we will put a small box of samples of our hottest raw material products.


We process our dimensional stones into any slab & Tiles thickness and various finishes (e.g. polished, flamed, honed, etc.) to the high quality characteristic slabs.


Marmotech Egypt is operating in the business of marble & granite in Egypt with long experience and big number of customers over the globe.

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providing the ultimate combination of visual beauty and low maintenance makes polished stone an ideal choice for any project demanding creative style and high traffic durability.

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Contact us today and our experienced Sales team will help you find a solution that will suit your project and lifestyle.

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Our Mission & Vision

We are in love with Natural Stone. Let us share our passion with you!
Our mission is to match our customers to their ultimate experience of quality stone and to exceed their expectations. MarmoTech is dedicated to delivering nature’s timeless artistry and elegance with outstanding products and excellent customer service, in order to create long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners.
Values and Beliefs
– Constantly excelling
– Distinction in service
– Team spirit.
MarmoTech international one-stop residential and commercial projects supplier MarmoTech become first brand of customized stone products in Egypt.

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